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When life feels like you've bitten off more than you can chew

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

With the new year well under way, the anxiety of tasks that need to be started, worked on and completed become sometimes just too much.  Feeling anxious about tasks is not healthy and whilst some may say that its a great motivator, in reality it causes unwanted stress on top of the work load. Stress and anxiety don’t actually help.

I was recently talking to a friend that was feeling very anxious about the countless projects that she had to run on top of her existing “everyday” chores. She was regularly overcome by fear, anxiety and worry about how on earth she was going to cope with it all. This worry was depleting her of the joy and excitement of life.

Her initial reaction was to start to cutting all the things that she felt were excess; working out at the gym, walking, facials, catching up with friends.  She then tended to increase her hours at the office. It was like she was going into a lock-down mode. She was freaking out!

Don’t freak out! It can be as simple as writing a list!

Time management
How to prioritise

List all the tasks that need to be done and then break them down even further; What do I need to do today? What do I need to do this week? What do I need to complete this month?

The thought of “what is going to happen” or “may happen” was what causes the most stress. Simply listing tasks breaks your complex life down into manageable, bit-size, tasks on list. And nothing beats the joy of ticking those tasks off the list as you complete them.

Let’s not over think things. We can very easily derail ourselves and stop our enjoyment of the task at hand.

My friend followed this advice; she reshuffled some priorities and made a clear list. It all became some much easier for her! The fear was lost, the joy returned and my friend became excited about her full life again.

In this exact moment while you’re reading, right here and now, there is nothing else. Its just this moment and perhaps your thoughts about pulling yourself into line or managing your life. Let all negative fear-based emotions go. No one knows what tomorrow brings, absolutely no one!  So then let it go; write your lists, have time for yourself and, most importantly, just breathe.

So don’t allow your year to start off like my friend’s. You have the power to change it all. Enjoy the excitement once more.

If you want to learn more about mindful living, and help take charge of your busy life, you might find Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson, an inspiring book to start with.

Alexandra Andrews

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