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The daily routine to set you up for success

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

In order to tap into our greatest self we need to start our day with a brilliant routine that puts us in good stead for a productive and successful day. I'd also like to note that what we do the night before will also impact our productivity and energy. We don’t want to just live in reaction to what’s offered up around us. We want to create a ritual or routine with intention and purpose.

Creating a ritual & routine

By having a routine you will automatically find yourself in a more positive mindset because you will feel as if your days have a purpose - even if that purpose is to just tick off the simple things from your routine checklist. Over the many years I have been coaching, I have personally seen first hand the benefits of having a good routine.

Whilst it all might sound very simple and you might wonder what benefit it will bring to your day, just give it a go for at least the next 7 days and you will see exactly how much of a difference it can make. Now there is no one size fits all approach here. A morning routine that is best for one person may not be best for you. The idea is to find what works for you by trial and error. Additionally, your morning routine may change as your life and circumstances change. The below activities are a guide of what you could incorporate into your own personal routine.

Wake up

I’m not going to sit here and tell you what time you should wake up. This will be different for everyone. Some people work better when they get up early but others are more suited to waking up later in the morning. FInd what time works best for you by testing different times and look out for changes in your mental clarity and alertness.

Try not to lay in bed for too long. This won't help you wake up and shake off that groggy feeling. This includes scrolling through your socials. Get up, make the bed and get moving. Already, by taking charge of this commitment, you’ve won.

If you would like to read more about the benefits read “Miracle Mornings”.

Meditate or 'Prime' for 20 minutes

Even if you’ve never tried meditation, now is the chance.

Meditation is easy to work out. Do it on your own or use guided meditation like, Calm App, or Headspace.

Priming: some people have not heard about priming but it's a Tony Robbins technique. It oxygenates your body, brings a sense of peace and reconnection, gratitude and healing. Watch Tony in action here.


Get sweaty, move around. Even if it is only for 15 minutes. This movement will help to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Also releasing a hit of dopamine, the “happy hormone”.

There's no shortage of workout available online or plenty of gyms now offer online classes. The best type of exercise is the one that you enjoy doing because if you don't enjoy it you won’t keep it up.

Have a cold shower

Don't worry, it doesn't have to be cold the whole time. Have a normal shower but just before you jump out, turn the tap on cold for at least 30 seconds. Crazy, but it works wonders for your energy levels. To read more about the benefits of a cold shower, look no further than the legend himself Wim Hof.

To eat or not to eat

Now again, I'm not in the business of telling you what you should or should eat or if you should or shouldn't skip breakfast. But, I will tell you this. If what you are currently doing isn't working for you, try something different. If you find that skipping breakfast gives you more energy, that's great. If you find that you need to eat breakfast to be a functioning member of society, then do that. Find what works for you.

ENJOY, and live every day with passion!

If you have any questions or comments on the above please reach out via my email:

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