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Life Coaching

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born and how you become most truly alive”

Oprah Winfrey

Relationship coach

In our fast-paced way of life, we are ever searching for ways to be more productive and fulfilled. Yet this concept can be elusive if we don't take a step off the accelerator to observe where we are heading.


Our inner voice knows we are important and worth exploring our true self, our true happiness, and our true essence. Coaching will help you with:


  • Finding your purpose

  • Connecting with what brings you joy

  • Managing stress 

  • Relationships

  • Dealing with feelings of resentment or disconnection 

  • Getting more from life

  • Reconnecting with your zest for life

  • Tackling everything else life brings to us

“When I first contacted Alexandra, my life was changing in many profound ways. I was seeking ways to balance the change and manage it both emotionally and physically. I was a little skeptical about seeking help in the first place, however, I also knew I wanted to speak to someone who was completely independent of my personal relationships of family and friends. A very well respected medical professional, Giselle Cooke referred me to her. I contacted Alexandra and was so glad that I did. In fact I wish that I had not sat staring at her business card for weeks on end before calling her! She “de-cluttered” everything. Not only is she highly intuitive, the time I had with her was also thought-provoking and productive. Our time was also really enjoyable and whilst she’s always been very patient and understanding; it’s like talking to a friend, without any bias. She has given me more confidence and perspective. Everyone needs an Alexandra in their life!

Jennifer B,

Sydney, Australia

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