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About Me

I'm a formally trained coach, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur who has coached individuals from around the world ranging from senior executives, non-executives, business owners, men and women of all ages.

I am a wife and mother to three children, close with my family and love spending time with beautiful friends. I am grateful for all my experiences.

In regards to my coaching, I am more of a pro-active, positive and high energy coach that can skillfully get to the bottom of any situation that you are facing. 

My mission is to create forward movement and help move people to a better place than what they are currently experiencing. My clients seek support, clarity, direction and purpose in business, work-life, and relationships.


My clients find that my energy, intuition and passion has always helped them move forward a lot faster than they have found with other coaches. This is something I am well known for and something that I pride myself on. Some of the many areas I help my clients with include: 

  • Executive, business and life coaching

  • Communicating at an executive level 

  • DISC/Motivators profile training

  • Identifying and clarifying purpose

  • Stress management and resilience 

  • Organising schedules 

  • Think tank sessions for outcome driven goals

  • Finding inner happiness and an ‘inner spark’ for life

  • Discovering life passions

  • Creating and maintaining life balance

  • Clarity of thought and action

  • Relationship changes

  • Sexual differences

  • Dealing with affairs/separation/divorce

  • Coping with sickness or death

  • Reconnecting partners with one another

  • Improving health and energy focus

  • Performance acceleration

  • Minor and major life transitions

  • Removing blockages and limiting belief patterns

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