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Alexandra Andrews Business and Executive Coach

You need to have a good feel and rapport with your coach. 


Recommendations are 90% of my clients, so that’s easy but if you are fresh to my site and are not familiar with me, please feel free to reach out and have a quick conversation.  No strings attached at all. You need to feel good about our fit. 


I also insist on complete deep honesty. The more open you are with me the deeper we will go. There is absolutely no judgment and the environment is so relaxed and open to whatever comes up.


Once we book you into your first session, you will be sent a few forms to fill out and complete. This way we can hit the ground running and not waste time. You will receive a booking confirmation as well as reminders 24 hours before our session as well as 2 hours before.


How I Work

I encourage all my clients to keep a journal specifically for our sessions. Sometimes there is homework and other times a link or reference to tools, readings, and recommendations. This will be your go to place for our work together.


You are welcomed to do single sessions at a time so you can get an idea about coaching and packages are always offered for you when you would prefer to keep up the momentum and accountability.


Coaching is sometimes challenging as we uncover what you desire and perhaps limiting beliefs or self sabotaging patters that stop us in our tracks to achieve the very thing we desire. Change is sometimes a little hard, but don’t worry I’ll be gentle.


How I can help

Executive Coaching

The pressure on executives to perform at a high level as well as keep staff engaged, productive, and lead by example without overwhelm and stress seems to be a never ending challenge.

Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Starting a business can be exciting, rewarding, and a little bit stressful. Whether your goal is to pursue your passion or create a fortune 500 company, having the tools to succeed is what you need

In our fast-paced way of life, we are ever searching for ways to be more productive and fulfilled. Yet this concept can be elusive if we don't take a step off the accelerator to observe where we are heading.

The First Steps

The first step is building rapport. You need to feel that our working relationship is a good fit.  You will know this after our first session.

Coaching can be done on a session by session basis as well as full package sessions. I often coach my clients this way for years to keep them at their best game. 

The best results come from at least six sessions to see and feel a real and ongoing shift. 

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