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“Alex has been coaching me as her client. She is a dynamic and inspiring personality and this translates into her coaching style. My career as a lawyer and a legal author has progressed in leaps and bounds whilst Alex has been coaching me this year. I would recommend her as a coach, particularly to those seeking to breath new life, inspiration and motivation into their work life.”

Eric Kalde, Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyers

Alexandra has been an invaluable asset to my mindset and business growth. So many key distinctions come from our coaching that I just haven’t been able to see from my vantage point. She has helped accelerate the growth of my business and my psychology of belief. She has also been across my personal life and keeps my focus on all aspects. I would not hesitate to recommend Alexandra to anyone (except my competitors)

Edward, USA

Thank you amazing and beautiful Alexandra. Forever grateful to you for everything.

Vanessa K, Melbourne

“Thank you so much for our coaching sessions, just when I needed it the most. You listened and made me feel very comfortable in telling you what was going on in my life. You seemed to ask all the right questions and helped me find awareness and a realisation of how I was processing the issues. After our sessions, I was again able to sleep at night. I would love to work with you again in the future.”

Ortal, Sydney Australia

“Meeting Alexandra was such a blessing for me. Alexandra has reminded me that life is beautiful indeed and to enjoy it every single day. Alex has also helped me to believe in myself.”

Grace, Sydney Australia

“I would describe Alex’s coaching style as subtle. She doesn’t challenge you or make you feel bad or guilty in any way for whatever place you may be in life or thoughts you may be having. She simply offers other ways of thinking that might be more useful. She gradually leads you to a place that is more productive and less resistant. And it is very evident that she truly believes and adheres to the very ideas and beliefs that she shares as possible options. She inspires and motivates and calms all at the same time. She has an intuitive gift and a great desire to help people along in their life’s journey in whatever way she can.  Alex has certainly had an amazing impact on my life.”

T.P, Sydney Australia

“Alexandra is a very smart and switched on person who lives life with a passion. Her diligence and follow through on any task highlights her professionalism and commitment to what she does. Having known Alexandra for many years I can personally vouch for her honesty and integrity. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and the best is still yet to come.

Max Coppa

“Alex has a real gift of being able to quickly identify where someone is at in their life and be able to engage them in a relational environment for helping discover the essence of their life.  Through many diverse life experiences Alex helps people with a great amount of wisdom and compassion.”

Hugh Massie, President DNA Behaviour International

“Alexandra’s deep intuition and awareness, combined with her loving and warm personality, create a coaching presence that people instantly trust.  As a coach she is creative, gentle and challenging.”

Judy Fitzgerald, Managing Director JFC

“Alex started coaching me because I was becoming disorganised in my business. I knew my weaknesses, but Alex showed me how I could deal with them. She also helped me understand the importance of a balanced life and how easy it was to live one. Less than a year after our first meeting I can barely recognise the person I was. I’m completely in control of my life and happier than I’ve ever been.”

Ben Collins, Founder My Mother Hen Chartered Accountants

“I have found during my association with Alexandra that she approaches everything she does with the highest degree of professionalism, underpinned by warmth and caring.  As she lives her life as a wonderful example as to how you can create an exceptional life and this makes her an ideal life coach in facilitating clients to create the life they desire.  If you want success go to someone who is a living example.”

Deborah Fairfull

“When i first contacted Alexandra, my life was changing in many profound ways. I was seeking ways to balance the change and manage it both emotionally and physically. I was a little skeptical about seeking the help in the first place, however, I also knew I wanted to speak to someone who was completely independent from my personal relationships of family and friends. A very well respected medical professional, Giselle Cooke referred me to her. I contacted Alexandra and was so glad that I did. In fact I wished that I had not sat staring at her business card for weeks on end before calling her! She “de-cluttered” everything. Not only is she highly intuitive, the time I had with her was thought-provoking and productive. Our time was also really enjoyable and whilst she’s always been very patient and understanding; it’s like talking to a friend, without any bias. She has given me more confidence and perspective. Everyone needs an Alexandra in their life!! Thank you!”

Jennifer B, sydney, Australia

“Alexandra your energy and love of what you do comes across with such kindness and uses all the right energy to ensure that anything you do and touch will always be a success. I wish you all the best and know that you will be doing many more amazing things in your lifetime.”

James Redfield, Author ‘The Celestine Prophecy’

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