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Thoughts become our outcomes.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Mindfulness. Our thoughts lead to actions

Once upon a time……….. in our own imagination we come up with a story.

One we want, one we have and one we want to go away. The voices in our head, the last thoughts before bed and everything in between, paint a constant picture of what’s going on in our own story.

We may be satisfied with most, or unsatisfied with most but our minds often don’t go straight to the “Grateful” thoughts about what is going well, but of course to the negative ones, that we wish to happen, or has happened. When you focus on one particular thing, your energy is focused on that.

A very small example of this is when you are driving your car and the kids want to play the “spotto” game. Everyone in the car is focused on finding the first yellow car they can see and be the first to call Spotto.! Every single yellow car is discovered with a great deal of energy and usually in our car, laughter and loudness..! When I am driving myself I don’t notice one yellow car. I’m busy thinking or listening to music. My thoughts are somewhere else.

This is a very simple story but it somewhat gives you the idea of what we do.

When we re-hash negative stories our energy is focused directly on that. Now in some cases you may say that it is beneficial to ponder and ponder and ponder but I’m sure you would agree that in most cases you don’t fix the situation and by the end you need to go and lye down and have a sleep..!

If we can just catch ourselves by observing our thoughts and anything that doesn’t serve us or is negative, that we either stop straight away and focus on the ‘here and now’ or ‘living in the moment’ or change and improve the thought to one better.

As I started this story with ‘Once upon a time’, we reminisce on magical times or intriguing stories that we can’t wait to listen to or read. It is the same with the choice of thoughts that we choose to focus on. Thoughts are a choice. We have a number of things going on in our life that we could choose from.

I challenge all of us to observe and change our thoughts.

What we focus on becomes our reality. Don’t let your thoughts master you. You master them and create the life that you dream of.

Once upon a time………..

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