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Communication breakdown

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Relationship coaching
Communication breakdown

In all relationships they say “Communication is the key”. As much as we try to keep it going smoothly there comes a time when we are pressed for time, annoyed with each other or we are distracted with the children, work or family issues, health issues etc.. This can strain the smooth communication flow between our partners.

If this is becoming a pattern or on repeat or you cant seem to stop the unhealthy aggressive talk, then seeking help early is a very wise thing to do. No one said it is easy but getting to the bottom of our frustration with ourselves or our partner and modifying slightly our reactions can alter our flow of communication greatly.

Sometimes we feel that it seems small at the time or that it will resolve itself naturally or this is just how life is. The simple truth is that with such a high rate of divorces and on top of the couples that are still together the extra marital affairs, that we can only help our odds by delving into it and searching for some clarity around it.

It is often easy to blame the other person for what they are doing or haven’t done but the simple truth is that we also play a role in what is happening.

It is very confronting for a lot of people to assess if the issues are a direct mirror of their own behaviour. There are some very simple ways to discover these without ripping into ourselves with blame.

If you feel that there may be slight or major issues here you owe it to yourself to talk to someone outside of your immediate circle that will give you an unbiased view or reflection.

Sometimes it can be as simple as one session. The most empowering start is to do something about it.

To discuss how I can help call Alexandra Andrews 0419 953 233

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