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Are you

Feeling lost, tired and not
knowing where to go
in your business?

You're not alone

Many business owners feel the same way.

 The business that was once your pride and joy is not bringing you the fulfilment it once did. Causing you to feel tired and unmotivated.

Why? Where did it all go wrong?

Could it be that the direction the business is heading is not aligned with your true self?
Or maybe you are right where you need to be, you just need help making small changes and getting organised in your business.



I am Alexandra Andrews -Business Coach

I help business owners like you get aligned with your purpose and take back control of your life.

Leaving you feeling more confident, more focused and ready to tackle everyday.


I'm a formally trained coach, trainer, and speaker who has coached individuals from around the world ranging from senior executives, non-executives, business owners, men and women of all ages.

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It’s time to take action now.

Don’t stay unfulfilled, stuck or burnt out any longer.

Fulfilment doesn't happen by itself, it's up to you to take that first step.

Let me help you find your passion and purpose again.


Alexandra has been an invaluable asset to my mindset and business growth. So many key distinctions come from our coaching that I just haven’t been able to see from my vantage point. She has helped accelerate the growth of my business and my psychology of belief. She has also been across my personal life and keeps my focus on all aspects. I would not hesitate to recommend Alexandra to anyone (except my competitors)

Edward, USA

“Thank you so much for our coaching sessions, just when I needed it the most. You listened and made me feel very comfortable in telling you what was going on in my life. You seemed to ask all the right questions and helped me find awareness and a realisation of how I was processing the issues. After our sessions, I was again able to sleep at night. I would love to work with you again in the future.”

Ortal, Sydney Australia

“I would describe Alex’s coaching style as subtle. She doesn’t challenge you or make you feel bad or guilty in any way for whatever place you may be in life or thoughts you may be having. She simply offers other ways of thinking that might be more useful. She gradually leads you to a place that is more productive and less resistant. And it is very evident that she truly believes and adheres to the very ideas and beliefs that she shares as possible options. She inspires and motivates and calms all at the same time. She has an intuitive gift and a great desire to help people along in their life’s journey in whatever way she can.  Alex has certainly had an amazing impact on my life.”

T.P, Sydney Australia

“Alex has a real gift of being able to quickly identify where someone is at in their life and be able to engage them in a relational environment for helping discover the essence of their life.  Through many diverse life experiences Alex helps people with a great amount of wisdom and compassion.”

Hugh Massie, President DNA Behaviour International


I believe everyone has the
right to live a

fullfilled life.

One where you bounce out of bed in the morning, you have the time to spend on things that light you up, while growing the business you deserve.

I will show you how to find your purpose and live the life you deserve.

Change is in your hands

  • Are our sessions private?
    All my coaching client contracts include non disclosure agreements. So you can be confident that what we discuss in your sessions is completely private and confidential.
  • How does coaching work?
    As a coach, my job is to assist clients to maintain motivation and commitment to their goals. Assisting them to define clear goals, set up an action plan to achieve them and follow through to completion. All while uncovering hidden beliefs systems and barriers to help the client make long lasting change leading to a more fulfilled life.
  • Im not sure if coaching is for me?
    Book a free discovery call to see what coaching is all about and how I can help you. Then you can book each session individually or a group of sessions at a discount.
  • Will coaching help me get more organised?
    Yes, coaching helps uncover reasons why you might be disorganised. We can then apply strategies to help assist you in this area. Staying organised is an ongoing process which coaching will assist you to achieve

I have...

a bit about me

Thousands of happy clients

Helped hundreds of small business owners, executives, multimillion dollar businesses and their teams achieve success

Over 10,000 coaching hours

An interactive coaching style that gets real results 

Worked as a Tony Robbins Platinum Coach 


Are you ready to ...


Get in touch with your true emotions

and find your right path

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Learn what is holding you back from feeling passion in your business


Learn how to get back in control of your working life.

What are you waiting for?

Book your Free discovery call today

Please note: Due to high demand bookings are limited. 

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