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Skyrim Custom Voiced Follower Mods

Thanks to the active and robust modding community for Skyrim Special Edition, though, players have hundreds of follower mods to choose from. Some have the same dialogue options as the vanilla followers, but some feature some excellent custom voice acting.

Skyrim Custom Voiced Follower Mods

Updated on November 16, 2021 by Talha Bin Rizwan: Having friends and companions makes traveling through the frigid and unforgiving land of Skyrim much more bearable. They are a helping hand in fights, carry some of the players' items for them, and also provide some commentary in certain circumstances. While the game has an excellent selection of followers, many players feel they get stale and repetitive over time. But thanks to the excellent modding community for Skyrim Special Edition, players can choose their perfect companion from hundreds of follower mods. While some have generic dialogue, others have had some extra work done on them in terms of voice acting.

Hoth by Hothtrooper44 is an aged bounty hunter, one of the most visually customized followers available as a mod. He wears trophies of his most prized kills, which he has collected on some of his greatest bounties. He boasts unique gear, is fully custom-voiced, and offers various missions that players can complete alongside him.

Sofia by djjohnjarvis/finalCrystine is a humorous, fully voiced follower perfect for players that like some entertainment on their travels. She is fully location- and quest-aware and will offer comments on her surroundings. Sofia has a fondness for the player's character, but her attempts to disguise it lead to some awkward and funny conversations.

Players looking for a long-term companion that they can play beside from level 1 to level 100 will find that Vilja by Emma Ampego Lycanthrapos fits the bill well. She has over 9,000 lines of voiced dialogue, 28 custom music pieces, and her own questline. She is designed to feel more like an organic character and less like a static NPC.

Vilja also has a romance track (some deserving characters don't) where players court Vilja, rather than just wearing the Amulet of Mara and asking to be married. The mod also adds a few other custom-voiced NPCs that Vilja can interact with. Moreover, if players bring certain other followers with them on the journey, Vilja can engage in discussions with them.

Lucien by JosephRussell is a fully-voiced Imperial follower mod who comes with over 5,000 lines of dialogue. He's a scholar and can be encountered at the tavern in Falkreath. Lucien is designed to accompany players for a long time. He starts off his journey as somewhat of a coward, barely able to hold the weight of a sword. With time, however, he learns from his experiences, becoming strong, confident and worthy to be the Dragonborn's companion.

A custom-voiced Aldmeri (of Mer descent) sorceress with over a thousand lines of voiced dialogue, Aurlyn by mlee3141 and Darkrogue21 is a reclusive philosopher from a time long past, seeking peace and redemption. She is designed to be a game-long companion that will stay with players from level 1 until the end of the game.

An honorable and dedicated Imperial, Livia Salvian by Miroslav Yegorov/anbeegod and Robyn Rybnik is a custom-voiced follower best suited for players who dislike the Thalmor. With over 500 lines of voiced dialogue, she is a strong fighter who joins players for a very specific reason. The mod also adds many books and loading screens that go into Livia's backstory.

Smartbluecat's Inigo is a fully voiced Khajiit follower with over 7,000 lines of unique, voice-acted dialogue. He boasts one of the most advanced AI systems that react accordingly to player actions. Not only does Inigo interact with the game world normally, but he may also approach other characters and strike up conversations with them.

M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. by skinnytecboy is a unique follower that resembles a Dwemer Centurion in appearance but possesses a unique personality, unlike the Automatons from the game. He is a standalone companion with over a thousand lines of custom-voiced dialogue that comes with a small quest of his own. M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. has his own custom armor, spells, and music.

While the mod Serana Dialogue Add-On By Martimius does not add a separate follower into the game, it modifies an existing one added by the Dawnguard DLC into something that feels fresh and unique. Serana is one of the most beloved followers in Skyrim, and she is well known for her unique personality. The mod Serana Dialogue Add-On improves Serana, adding more than 3000 lines of custom-voiced dialogue that essentially turn her into a whole new character that fits in Skyrim seamlessly.

Auri, Song Of The Green By Waribiki adds a wood elf companion in the game that centers around Bosmeri culture and tradition. She is fully custom-voiced and has a small quest that players can complete. Auri is a traditionalist wood elf archer that will follow players, do their bidding, and offer snarky comments about their surroundings and actions. She can be found in Falkreath hold at her pod which players can find on their map.

Kaidan 2 By LivTempleton is a romantic follower that is best for players who are looking to engage in some romantic role-play with their companions in Skyrim. The mod is a rework of an existing mod that includes a new range of features including over 1200 lines of custom voiced dialogue, a custom home, and a series of mini-quests.

Kaidan is written to be an immersive companion or lover to the Dragonborn that is reactive to quests and choices. Players can advance their relationship with him by interacting with him and developing a bond over time. He also has a custom follower framework that doesn't add to the existing follower count allowing players to take an additional vanilla follower with them on their journey.

While most mods add one or two followers at most when installed, Anna NPCs by Anduniel and Shrike adds up to 10 unique companions in one single package. These followers are all custom voice acted with over 9,000 lines of dialogue including commentary, songs, and party banter with the players and among themselves.

The mod also adds 13 quests to play through along with several player homes, taverns, and inns. Each follower has a unique romance that leads up to marriage along with an approval and affection system. This mod is best for players who want variety in terms of companions but do not want to go through the hassle of installing multiple mods.

With followers being such a significant aspect of the game, many players have offered their various talents in order to extend the game and give it more RPG elements, such as letting people develop relationships with the folks lugging around all their stuff. There are a lot of follower mods that accomplish this wonderfully, so where do we even begin?

Kai should be on the "try-out" list for anyone wanting follower mods, if only for his immaculate voice. If you stay in the prison for a bit in the Live Another Life mod, you'll meet him right out of the door. Granted, his dialogue gets repetitive after a while, but the delivery is so good, and his storyline is a lot of fun. Kaidan does have some glitches on the console version (constantly crouching, getting stuck in a dungeon), but even with that, this mod is still fun to use for a while. Kai's a heavy-lifter follower, which is perfect for a rogue or mage who needs someone to go in and take the brunt of the damage.

No spoilers, of course, but her romance is also a hoot. Most people who enjoy follower mods will take Sofia along with them because she just feels like a friend, which is what people want from an RPG. Why would you take along a follower that angers or annoys you when Sofia's right there waiting to crack a strange joke at someone else's expense?

Lucien has some of the best random voice lines of any follower mod out there. He quotes Batman while sneaking, before apologizing for speaking while you're trying to be quiet. Unlike many follower mods, Lucien's creator is also quite active with updates. He reacts to other popular mods, including followers. He comments on quests and new places and has helpful insight into some of the more academic quests like the Mages Guild and the Elder Scrolls portions of the main quest.

After attracting immediate attention from many wanting him for their own playthroughs, Hoth soon developed into a full-fledged character, fully voiced with backstory and the tattoos and scars to match. He wields his own custom weapon and fights in the two-handed style. Hoth is an imposing force, but the coolest thing about him is his profession. As a bounty hunter, Hoth is regularly presented with contracts which, of course, you'll be able to take part in while traveling with this brute.

There are tons of follower mods out there for Skyrim. But of course only a handful of them are fully custom voiced by voice artists. I have listed best of the best so that you can enjoy your Skyrim Special Edition playthrough with an amazing companion or companions.

Lucien is a custom voiced follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition with over 3000 voiced line, almost similarly to Inigo. Also he comes with 2 new quests, training system, mount and with his own follower system.

Yet another custom voiced follower for Skyrim Special Edition, Livia Salvian. She has +1500 quality custom voiced dialogues. And of course tons of content like personal quest, romance, armor, singing, etc.

Her voice is the customized version of vanilla female young eager voice. However, she is not like regular followers in main Skyrim, believe me. Instead she has her own special dialogues that makes her unique.

Skyrim Special Edition was released in 2016 and has outlived most games. A lot of this longevity can be credited to the Skyrim modding community that helps keep the game fresh. The follower mods in Skyrim have a lot of effort put into them, often leading them to rival some of the best companions in the base game.

The shrewd Khajiit warrior Inigo is one of the most adored companions on the nexus mods website. With over 7000 lines of custom-voice dialogue, he is sure to keep you entertained throughout your adventures.


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