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Swiv 3d Pc Game Download !!TOP!!

SWIV 3D is a behind-view arcade style shooter with a military theme, featuring fully 3D rendered graphics. It is a sequel to the earlier 2D shooter game called SWIV which did not appear on PC. In both games, the player controls either an assault helicopter or a jeep, depending on the scenario, somewhat similar to Seek and Destroy.Gameplay can be also compared to Jungle Strike: you explore the map, attack enemies and pick up useful items, such as missiles, but also other useful powerups, including a temporary shield that protects the vehicle, or "health" kits to repair damage.The playable demo includes two missions where you fly the helicopter. The full game has 18 levels and 30 different weapon types, with the buggy and additional vehicles available in some scenarios.

Swiv 3d Pc Game Download

But what does all this have to do with SWIV 3D, the latest game from S.C.I.? Well, not all that much. Except that in SWIV 3D, you fly a heavily armed helicopter, a little like those in the aformentioned eighties series, as you blast your way through a number of hostile territories. You see, SWIV 3D is no sim; there's no fuel level to watch, no throttle to fiddle with, just pure blasting action. And why? I'm afraid you've got me there.

SWIV 3D is a follow up to SWIV which hit the Amiga a few years back; a top-down shoot-em-up which had you blasting your way through several levels of aliens, usually watching your efforts go down the toilet as the end of level boss blew you apart. And with SWIV 3D ,SCI have turned the game on its head, and kicked it into touch for the PC market.

In SWIV, you picked whether you wanted the helicopter or the jeep at the beginning of the game, and then you were stuck with that throughout the game. In SWIV 3D, you change modes of transport throughout the game; you start off in either the helicopter or the jeep, and there's usually a point somewhere on the level where you can change over to the other means of transport. This adds a tiny bit of strategy to the game, though not enough to deter shoot-em-up freaks. The helicopter is fast, with a wide turning circle, and can move from side to side, to avoid incoming missiles. This means you can usually get away with flying over a base, letting lose your weapons, and zooming over a hill before the enemy can retaliate. If you're in the jeep, you have to use different tactics; the jeep isn't very good at climbing big hills, and can't dodge; you have to make damn sure you take out the missle launchers before you try to destroy a base. You usually end up circling the base, blasting the guns, before moving in closer to take out the objective. This is definitely a good thing; it makes you think just that little bit.

However, there is one related gripe I have, and this is the only thing I could find wrong with the whole game; the helicopter and the jeep share the same shields. What this means, is that if you have about one point of energy left in the jeep, and you switch to the helicopter, you've still only got one point of energy left, and one hit will be enough to take you down. If there had been different shields for each craft, it would have given you a reason to change craft, till you could find more energy. It's not all that annoying, though. To make things a little easier, there's the obligatory selection of weapons to pick up. These include homing missiles, smart bombs, napalm, power-ups, and a smart bomb. The latter unleashes a nuclear explosion, which sends a shockwave across the ground, taking out most things in its way. Except you. And you can take weapons from one level to the other, so if you finish one level with four homing missiles, you can keep them for the next level. And you'll need them. The default weapon is a not particularly effective blue plasma gun. Not what you want to be armed with when you're being chased by six enemy helicopters.