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Pokemon Black - Search Results

In the Generation VI games, the Global Trade Station is accessible via the Player Search System. Unlike in previous generations, the player may now ask for or seek Pokémon not yet registered in their Pokédex by selecting "What Pokémon?" at the end of the alphabetical options and typing out a Pokémon's name, though the gender of the Pokémon cannot be selected in this kind of search. This manual entry is not case-sensitive, and entering "Flabebe" will return results for Flabébé, but otherwise, if the player has not correctly typed an actual Pokémon's name in the language they're playing in, their search or deposit will fail. (In the case of depositing a Pokémon, the Pokémon will appear to be deposited successfully, but the Pokémon will not appear on the GTS.)

pokemon black - search results

When starting a search for a Pokémon, it is possible to exclude players seeking special Pokémon (such as game mascots). Search results are now displayed in their entirety (up to one hundred results per page) starting with the most recent, and the player can filter these results by region (same or different from the player's) or solely to offers seeking Pokémon the player currently has in their party or PC storage (and can thus trade).

Slack provides two strategies for searching: Recent and Relevant. Recent search finds the messages that match all terms, and presents them in reverse chronological order. If a user is trying to recall something that just happened, Recent is a useful presentation of the results.

Every time you run a Recent search, we also run the Relevant search in parallel. We decide whether to show the Top Results section based on some simple heuristics, such as result diversity and quantity. Our initial experiment results show a significant increase in search sessions per user, an increase in clicks per search, and a reduction in searches per session, indicating that the Top Results module is helping users find what they are looking for faster.

By refraining from putting all of your eggs in one basket when compiling your questionnaire, you preserve the news value of your research results. So ensure diversity; ask multiple questions that have a different approach. If the hook you hope for does not produce the desired answer, then you always have a number of newsworthy facts at hand.

Depending on your research and the subject you focus on, it may be wise to write several press releases about one study, but always with a different approach. This way, you can tailor the results of your research to different target groups, so that your research has a greater reach. For example, write a press release with a relevant approach for B2B publications, and another message that focuses on the results that appeal to B2C publications. That way you get the maximum PR value from your research.

Mavericks, you did it. For the third year in a row, you wore black, and you gave back. You showed our community and nation what it means to be a Maverick. Because of you, UNO students, faculty and staff, research and programs are all stronger today. A special thank you to the generous sponsors of our challenges and contests - this day would not have been possible without you. 041b061a72


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