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The Steve Miller Band dominated the 1970s and early 1980s with hits including "The Joker," "Take the Money and Run," "Fly Like an Eagle," "Abracadabra," and more. The band is joined by special guest Cheap Trick.


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In the years that followed, the band continued to tour, but their recording output slowed. In 2010, they released Bingo!, their first studio album in 17 years. On Bingo!, Miller returned to his blues roots, covering classics by B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, Otis Rush, Jimmy Reed and others. They released a follow-up this April called Let Your Hair Down, featuring new takes on songs by Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and more.

Ahead of the release of his band's brilliant new album, Craig Finn reminisces about a summer spent hanging out at music festivals, sailing around the Southern Hemisphere, and getting to know the Kinks [Interview: Tyler Grisham]

Guitarist, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter, bandleader, Rock and Roll Hall of Fameinductee, and Songwriters Hall of Fame electee Steve Miller is beyond excited to finally get backon the road. Putting his pandemic time to great use, Miller dug deep into his archives and foundan unreleased, full-length concert recording and released it. Steve Miller Band Live! BreakingGround: August 3, 1977, came out in spring 2021 and was accompanied by a live concert videofeaturing the full performance that is available now to stream on The Coda Collection on AmazonPrime Video.

Steve Miller is known as one of the most iconic and renowned American musicians and rock guitarists and has managed to amass a loyal, solid, ever-expanding fan base since the 1980s. He is mainly known for his unique sound, which he developed with the band and later solidified with the release of several albums, eventually being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Throughout the 1980s, Steve Miller and his band released many albums to wide success, and later settled down, releasing singles and records occasionally. He is currently considered one of the most accomplished musicians of the 1970s. He has always been very laconic about his personal life. He is married to Janice Ginsberg Miller.

The Steve Miller Band has a line-up of five members but has known many significant line-up changes through the years, with Steve Miller being the only original member. Past members of the bands include around 30 musicians.

A wealthy business entrepreneur from Greenwich, Lamont personally financed the 50th anniversary event in Connecticut, including $17,000 in prize money for the multiple bands that included $7,500 for the winners.

For the Book Of Dreams album, Miller expanded his band from the trio that recorded 1976's Fly Like An Eagle to a sextet with three guitarists, which in concert allowed the group to replicate the layered guitar parts of the recording. 041b061a72


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