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Best Place To Buy Mens Messenger Bags __EXCLUSIVE__

We asked staffers around our office about what they looked for in messenger bags. Many noted how important it was to keep their personal items secure, others said that organization was key, and some said that looks were just as important as anything else.

best place to buy mens messenger bags

Just because messenger bags are for people who have their shit together doesn't mean they can't still look cool and fun. Splattered with the MCM logo all over, this best-selling bag is a cool spin on a classic design.

The best messenger bags for men improve your daily commute by providing convenience and comfort while carrying most, if not all, of your daily essentials. To help you find the best messenger bag for your needs, we purchased the top 25 bags available today and started using them as a part of our daily routine. As we used the bags, we measured them based on their carrying capacity, durability and comfort, and overall convenience.

After 30 hours of using the bags on our way to and from work, we were most impressed with the Gearonic Vintage Canvas messenger bag because of its extra-durable exterior, comfortable shoulder strap, and roomy interior. We particularly like the vintage design and the combination of cotton canvas and leather. Keep reading to learn more about this stellar sling bag and the other top picks.

The best messenger bags take a hybrid approach to comfort, portability, and functionality. During our testing, we specifically looked for bags that effortlessly combine all three features to create the best customer experience, without valuing one over the other. As such, we only considered messenger bags that hold everything you need for a day out of the house without inhibiting your movement or sacrificing your overall comfort during the commute.

We also considered bags of all shapes, sizes, and materials. We preferred bags made from materials like waxed cotton, ballistic nylon, and canvas. These are the most durable kinds of messenger bags because they can take a bump or scratch with no problem and often provide water resistance to protect your stuff. Leather and bridle leather are other options, but bridle leather is typically more expensive.

Backpacks are considered the carry comfort kings. Duffels are the gear haulers. But when it comes to access and agility, the best messenger bags and shoulder bags step up for their time to shine. For many users, crossbody bags are go-to choices for quick access to gear on the move. They also tend to draw people who want to carry smaller loads or shed unnecessary carry bulk. And they also tend to get the nod of approval in work settings, where in many cases they bring a more formal and professional feel to your work setup than a backpack.

We've purchased and tested 33 unique messenger bags over the past 10 years in our quest for the best. We bought 8 of the leading products available today for our comprehensive, side-by-side testing. Messenger bags have come a long way from the original powerline workers' tool bag, but the countless versions today should nonetheless be highly functional and versatile. Our testers wore them on foot, bike, and while riding public transit to see and feel firsthand how each performed. Whether you're looking for a classy bag for the office or a gear-toting bike companion, we've tested each contender for quality, durability, and design to better help you choose the right luggage for the job.

Our travel review experts have tested the best bags and backpacks on the market. If a messenger bag isn't your style, we also have in-depth reviews that cover the best backpacks, a lineup of the best travel backpacks, and the best daypacks (including women's specific daypacks).

If you like to carry your bag on one shoulder while walking (as opposed to cross-body), this may not be the best choice for you. The Stash is optimized for commuters that prefer a more traditional messenger design intended to hug the back snugly while zipping through town on a bike or a scooter. The tapered shape also isn't as conducive to sitting upright when set down on the ground. Because there's no velcro, you will have to commit to clipping the magnetic buckles every time to keep the front flap secure (though you won't have to make a loud ripping sound every time you want to get inside). All of that aside, if you value durability and weather resistance in a bike-friendly design that provides some of the best protection for your electronics, then this is the bag for you.

The classic messenger bag design is a close-fitting shoulder bag that easily swings around to the front of the body and has a stabilizing strap to keep it secure while you're moving. This design provided powerline workers with easy access to their tools, and, in more modern times, became a popular design for bike messengers. The shoulder straps have widened over the years to increase comfort for single-shoulder carrying. With improved backpack designs, however, bike commuters often opt for two shoulder straps instead of just one. Backpacks don't swing around to the front quite as quickly as messenger bags, but if you're just making one or two stops and you don't need to grab things from your bag super quickly, it is likely a more comfortable option.

Chrome and Mission Workshop soared above the competition in this category. It's not surprising that the industry leaders would design the most user-friendly messenger bags. We love it when a bag performs the basics easily and efficiently without going overboard. Some designs try to do too much, and you end up with a product that looks good on paper but can be a pain to use in real life. The Buran III is the easiest bag to use, with the Kadet Sling and Monty coming in next. Chrome's iconic seatbelt buckle makes it easy to put on and take off both the Buran and the Kadet. The combination of zippers, velcro, and plastic buckles means there aren't any over-designed features for opening or closing the bags. The storage and organization features are sufficient without being excessive.

Style is not a metric in this review because it's so subjective. However, there is a strong argument to be made for the statement you make with your bag. Over-the-shoulder bags have been around for a long time, at first adapted from military map bags for the broader public. The messenger, as we tend to think of it, has its roots firmly planted in powerline workers' bags from the 1950s. In the 80s, this style was updated, adjusted, and reappropriated for bicycle messengers, and the category has since exploded. These bags have an urban flair and a toughness that tends to mirror their hard-working owners.

Though the shape and design of messenger bags have evolved and expanded dramatically over the years, the original concept remains the same. It's a bag to carry your daily toolkit wherever you're going and however you plan to get there. For bike messengers, the volume, balance, and ease of access are critical. For daily commuters, it's all about comfort and intuitive packability.

The bags in this review fill the needs of the modern urban commuter very well, offering a balanced blend of function and fashion depending on your needs and preferences. We hope this review has helped direct you to the best bag for your daily gear. In the end, the spirit of the traditional messenger bag holds steady, a durable bag that allows freedom of movement in a variety of urban environments and easy access to your toolkit. Whether you're carrying wrenches and hammers up a powerline or tablets and gadgets up the elevator, there's likely a modern messenger bag made just for you.

This great bag from Brinch has a more modern look than the other bags below, comes in a ton of different colors, and is dripping with functionality. The styling is casual, so this is more appropriate for someone going to school, rather than a professional workplace.

At such an amazing price, there are many great features to this bag. One of the best features of it is the many compartments that are included. There is space to store just about everything that you would want to place in the bag.

Not only is it made of very good materials, it has a lot of features that are ideal for messenger bags that are much more expensive, such as the many compartments and dual method of carry. If you do not need a messenger bag to carry a large laptop, this one should be on your list of options.

These bags can be made from a wide variety of materials that give off different vibes. Leather is timeless and classy, while sportier messenger bag models give off a more urban type of cool look. Messenger bags made with natural materials, like leather, offer a more traditional or professional style, while ones made with synthetics reflect more active or urban lifestyles.

Because of their structure, messenger bags that are made with this material are often light, yet sturdy. This fabric also gives a casual look, so canvas bags are recommended for laid-back tasks, such as carrying school supplies and books.

Plain canvas is also a good medium to extend your creativity; it is a nice material to paint or dye so, if you are the type who likes personalized items or has an artistic bent, you can go for messenger bags made with canvas.

Sometimes this means having a lot of pockets, and other times it means just having the pockets in the right place. Like having a padded main pocket specifically for an iPad or laptop. Or a dedicated cell phone pocket that is easily accessible and keeps your pants pockets free (a huge benefit of my own everyday messenger bag).

The number of items you plan to carry can also influence your decision. If you want something that will only carry a few items, messenger bags that are smaller and more compact in size are also available. They are more square-shaped than rectangular. These types of bags (sometimes called shoulder bags) usually come in a nice selection of colors and often have stylish designs.

Remember that a bag with complete hems, ship-shape seams, and well-secured trims are indications of excellent craftsmanship. If you are hunting for the best messenger bags for men, you have to check those factors. 041b061a72


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