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Party Ideas

Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are far from the only good time to celebrate and create memories with friends and family. You can turn just about any occasion into a great party, especially with the right theme. Party themes for adults, kids, or really anyone of any age can set the tone and make your celebration an exciting, immersive experience. Read on to discover 20 party theme ideas you can use for your next get-together.

party ideas

Choosing a party theme can be a fun challenge, especially when hosting a large group of friends with diverging interests. Some of your guests may love glitz and glam, while others prefer more casual events. Before choosing the first random theme you can think of, there are a few factors you may want to consider.

Inviting guests over and ordering food is only the start of throwing a great party. Choosing a theme and finding decor can take your party to the next level and make it one to remember. This list of party themes can help you find the inspiration for your next get-together.

A western-themed party is the perfect opportunity to put on your favorite cowboy boots and show off your dance moves. This theme takes on a more rustic vibe with wooden barn doors, benches, and bales of hay. The goal is to evoke cowboy westerns with gingham table cloths, glass mugs, and hanging wanted posters of your friends. Cowboy hats, tight jeans, and lassos can also help you all travel back in time without actually going anywhere.

Set a James Bond scene as soon as guests arrive with tiny tchotchkes that evoke the spy life. Then, inside your party space, add party games, twinkling lights, and black and silver streamed walls for a sense of thrill and secrecy. Set a formal dress code so everyone can show up as dapper as your favorite charming spy.

For warm-weather parties, start the grill and throw your loved ones a tropical-themed dinner party. Stock up on coconut-shaped cups, cold beverages, a blow-up palm tree, and a table full of delicious tropical food. Hang some twinkling lights around your trees for a soft, romantic glow after sunset. Throw on flip-flops and a swimsuit to really take yourself to an island paradise.

With a rainbow celebration, the more colors you use, the better. Start by blowing up different colored balloons to create a rainbow-shaped balloon wall for the perfect photo backdrop. Then, assign each of your guests a color of the rainbow and have their outfit reflect that color (if you have more guests, double up). Ask your guests to bring an appetizer that matches their color to fully immerse your party in the rainbow.

This list of party themes for adults will help you plan the most epic celebration ever! It can sometimes be difficult to plan a party as an adult. There are so many factors to consider, from the location to the time of day, to the theme.

A theme party is also a great way of adding some of your unique personality to your celebration, such as focusing it around a favourite genre of music or film, or a particular decade of fashion and style.

Make sure you have enough space at your party venue to suit the number of guests, especially if hosting at home. If your home or backyard area is small, you may need to consider local venue hire options instead.

This is the ultimate list of party themes for adults, with 225 different ideas for you to consider for your celebration. These things include dress up parties, food themed parties and simple themes around colours, music, style and entertainment.

I love parties.We had a Hawaiian party today as it was summer. I made some pineapple sticks, we then did the limbo dance and had a great time as well. There even was a barbecue with burgers, and hot food too. Later on there was several platters of tasty cookies, chopped up fresh fruit and mini sandwiches.We also had entertaining live music in addition. It was a lot of fun. Someone prepared a few different mock tails and there was also a whole tray of appealing colourful sweets, cake and biscuits to eat. I loved it all. Next time we will try out a couple of your ideas and see what happens.

When it comes to planning your staff Christmas party, summer party, school reunion, birthday party, or annual charity gala dinner, choosing a theme is an excellent way to make it memorable, unique, and a blast to both plan and attend!

For a virtual farewell party go on a virtual trip with your colleagues and the guest of honor with Woyago! Be it a virtual trip to Italy, a beautiful trip to Paris, or a wacky holiday to Spain, Woyago does it all, and that too virtually. What fun!

A party without games is boring and a virtual party without games is even more so. But donut worry, online games from Confetti have got your back. For your virtual farewell party choose from various games such as Pictionary, taboo, charades, or escape quest and have a night full of fun and excitement.

Are your colleagues brave enough to try this game? Up next on our farewell party ideas is virtual werewolf. In this game, one person is selected to be the werewolf. The host then guides your team through an interactive narrative where your goal is to successfully identify and exile the werewolf in disguise.

Add more sizzle to your farewell party with City Brew Tours. City Brew Tours provides customized craft beer-themed entertainment for virtual conferences and conventions of any size! Virtual experiences are hosted by their expert beer guides that make sure the experience is fully live and interactive.

Plan a game of would you rather with your colleagues at your farewell party. The idea is to choose between two options and see how many of your colleagues end up choosing the same thing. You can prepare your own contextual list of questions to double the fun or you can use this list of questions. This is a game for both virtual and physical parties.

Another fun farewell party idea is Virtual Coworker Feud. This team-building game is perfect t for any virtual party with your coworkers. In this trivia game, an entertaining host leads contestants through multiple rounds, alongside a lightning round. To win the round your team must guess the 5 most popular answers. At the end of the game, the tea with the most points is the winner.

For this going away party idea, pile a large bundle of clothes and give the players a suitcase one by one. The idea is to pack the clothes in the minimum time possible. The one who packs the most clothes in the least amount of time will win the game. Who knew packing a suitcase can be such fun?

A fun party theme is one of the best ways to bring your party alive. A party theme helps tie in all of the aspects of a good party, the food, drinks, outfits, venue and activities. Plus it really gets your guests involved and in the party spirit. There are so many good party themes to choose from, the list is endless. So we have put together our best themes for a party to help you plan the best themed party ever.

There are some party themes that are just classic. And no matter how many times we throw them or attend them, we always want to come back for more! Here are our favorite classic party themes that are guaranteed to be winners.

Another great collection of party themes are those inspired by movies. Go for popular classics that your guests will know and love for a fun filled party theme. Movies that have a good range of characters are best, so your guests get some choice and variety in their costumes.

If you love travel, then one of these country themed party themes is a great option. In addition, you can create a themed menu to tie in with the party theme and enjoy a variety of foods from around the world.

If you are throwing a big event, then you can really go big with the party theme. These themes work really well with large numbers at larger venues, so check out these party themes if you are hosting a big bash!

Historical party themes are great fun as they give your guests a clear guideline of the theme but flexibility within it to be creative. Plus it gives the history buffs a change to show off. And of course makes a great photo opportunity with all of the themed, historic costumes.

To conclude, a themed party is a lot of work but is so worth it! A great party theme really adds to the ambience of your party and is one of the best ways to get your guests in the party mood. Whichever party theme you choose, remember to give your guests clear instruction in their invites about what to wear, what to bring and what to expect of the party.

Jane Sheriff is the founder, creative director, party planner and mom of three. She started Darling Celebrations back in 2012 to share easy and beautiful ideas for celebrating the special events in life.

You don't have to be at a party to see this phenomenon in action, but there's a curious thing I regularly see at parties in social circles where people value intelligence and cleverness without similarly valuing on-the-ground knowledge or intellectual rigor. People often discuss the standard trendy topics (some recent ones I've observed at multiple parties are how to build a competitor to Google search and how to solve the problem of high transit construction costs) and explain why people working in the field today are doing it wrong and then explain how they would do it instead. I occasionally have good conversations that fit that pattern (with people with very deep expertise in the field who've been working on changing the field for years), but the more common pattern is that someone with cocktail-party level knowledge of a field will give their ideas on how the field can be fixed.

Asking people why they think their solutions would solve valuable problems in the field has become a hobby of mine when I'm at parties where this kind of superficial pseudo-technical discussion dominates the party. What I've found when I've asked for details is that, in areas where I have some knowledge, people generally don't know what sub-problems need to be solved to solve the problem they're trying to address, making their solution hopeless. After having done this many times, my opinion is that the root cause of this is generally that many people who have a superficial understanding of topic assume that the topic is as complex as their understanding of the topic instead of realizing that only knowing a bit about a topic means that they're missing an understanding of the full complexity of a topic. 041b061a72


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