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Carbon Copy Cloner For Mac

Carbon Copy Cloner is an advanced backup and file copying application for macOS. Looking for something better than Time Machine? With just a few clicks you can set up CCC to make hourly or daily backups of your Mac. CCC can build extensive file version history that you can use to restore older versions of files, and files that you might have accidentally deleted. CCC's read-only snapshots also give you excellent protection against malware and ransomware. CCC backups are compatible with Migration Assistant too, so you can use them to migrate data to a new Mac.

Carbon Copy Cloner For Mac

Beyond those backup basics, CCC offers extensive auditing and verification. Have you ever wondered what all of that disk activity was? Has some application run amok? The list of files that change in each backup event give you unprecedented insight into what's changing on your Mac each day. Need to copy the entire content of one volume to another? We can do that in just a few clicks. But suppose you're planning to erase the source when you're done migrating data to a new disk? We all trust our hardware, but maybe not that much! CCC can reverify files that were copied, so you can be 100% certain that your files are safely stored on the new destination.

Affecting the accuracy of the backup task is something else that should be considered. Typically it's OK to work from the source volume while you're copying it, with the understanding that if CCC copied a file, then you open it, make changes, save it, then CCC completes the backup task, the modified version of your document is not backed up (this time around). Typically that's no big deal, the modifications will get backed up the next time the backup task runs. More importantly, though, if you're working with large files (mounted disk image, Entourage email database, VMWare/Parallels container) during the backup operation, it is possible that those large files could be modified while CCC is backing up that file. This won't affect the source file, but there's a good chance that the backup version of that file will be corrupt. For this reason it is a good idea to stop using applications that may be modifying large files.

I made two full clones to different containers on my external SSD: one was from my internal SSD, the other from a Thunderbolt 3 external disk which already has a fully functional and bootable copy of Big Sur 11.3.1 installed on it. Both full clones were reported as being successful, and were very quick indeed: almost 160 GB was copied from my internal SSD in just over 15 minutes; amost 22 GB was copied from my external SSD in just over 2 minutes.

Attempting to boot from the copy of the external SSD brought the normal request for an authorised user, and was then successful following two restarts. There, the Startup Disk pane offered the clone of the internal SSD as being available to restart from, so I tried that, and it worked.

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There are as many different ways to use Carbon Copy Cloner as there are to make backups of any kind. However, this is the best example of its use: making a complete, bootable, copy of your Mac's hard disk and copying it all to an external drive. Maybe that's a drive you have permanently connected or maybe it's one you plug in every other week.

Carbon Copy Cloner does a lot more, though. It will copy your whole drive to a network-attached storage device, and it will copy just your Documents folder to Dropbox. If it involves copying, Carbon Copy Cloner can handle it.

If you already have a recent copy of Carbon Copy Cloner then this update is free. If you haven't got any copy of it at all, then macOS Sierra support is important but it's the new features that will make you want to buy it.

For those early adopters of M1 MacBook and / or Big Sur, Carbon Copy Cloner is a viable backup solution. SuperDuper! has yet to release an update for Big Sur. CCC is $39.99 personal license compared to SuperDuper! $27.95. CCC allows backups to coexist with TimeMachine on same external drive whereas SuperDuper! erases the external drive before copy. CCC has option to send notification emails.

MiniTool ShadowMaker has a feature called Clone Disk, enabling you to easily make a drive copy to another hard drive for disk backup or disk upgrade. If you clone a system disk, the cloned disk can be directly used to boot your crashed system, which can minimize downtime.

Carbon Copy Cloner, which is simply called CCC, is a Mac OS X only application. It's so far the most downloaded application on Mac for data backup and restores, hard drive copy and clone. You can use Carbon Copy Cloner to do bootable backups when disaster strikes your hard disk to boot from your backup and keep working, or back up your data hourly, daily, weekly, monthly with the task scheduling feature, or do smart updates. Overall, this is a potent backup tool for Mac users.

What's more, besides Windows version, EaseUS Todo Backup has now a Mac version that works perfectly on copying files, cloning one hard drive to another and synchronizing data. So, no matter you're looking for a Mac or a Windows Carbon Copy Cloner alternative, EaseUS Todo Backup is your best choice!

The features of the software are manifold. Starting, of course, with the individual backup of your files from the Mac hard drive to external data carriers, NAS or other storage devices. Choosing the source and destination as well as setting a schedule are super easy. If you wish, the backup program will even inform you by e-mail when a data backup has been completed or if errors have occurred. And best of all: Not only can you back up your data, but you can also use CCC to create a bootable copy of your hard drive - in the event that the Mac hard drive completely smears.

In the advanced settings and in the app settings, further adjustments can be made and the hard drive backup of your Apple Mac can be refined. In the e-mail settings, for example, the subject and content of the message can be adjusted - so you only get the information you need. For all those who are making a backup for the first time or who have only recently started using a Mac, there are practical tips and a guided data backup with a click of the lightbulb button. Nothing can go wrong there. The schedule also helps you remember to regularly copy your current files, folders and directories.

The software solution from Bombich is a comprehensive and individually adaptable backup app for the Apple Mac, the iMac and the MacBook. As with SuperDuper! From Shirt Pocket you should also use the official download here in order to only get the software you are looking for for data backup and no unpleasant surprises. Then you can back up your data in peace, create a bootable hard drive copy and use other practical functions of the apps. Among the backup apps for the Mac, Appleot's Carbon Copy Cloner is a clear favorite - user-friendly, extensive and, compared to data recovery after a hard drive crash, also cheap;)

Without a doubt the easiest way to make a copy, clone or image of your Mac OSX Lion 10.7 computer that you can boot from, is using a product called Carbon Copy Cloner, using this application is straightforward and avoids any work in the Terminal and been around for a long time and is simply bulletproof.

The -erase flag will bless the copy (so that you can bootfrom it) but obviously erase the previous contents of thebackup partition.Use with caution and check out the man pages for use of asr.Personally I'm looking forward to CCC being updated soon. [ Reply to This # ] Disk Utility is potentially faster Authored by: Froderick on Jun 20, '05 12:20:37PM Actually, Disk Utility has a built-in block-level copy cloner that my tests have shown to be faster and more efficient than CCC.Running CCC, in my lab-cloning experience, effectively prohibits multitasking on the machine in question (although making any changes to the filesystem during cloning is highly suspect in general). It sucks up MASSIVE system resources and more or less removes the interactive interface. I can barely move the program window around because it takes so long to register keyboard/mouse input.Disk Utility in Panther or greater has this built in feature, in the "Restore" tab. Select any drive in the list (I don't think it actually matters), then drag a drive or disk image (I haven't gotten it to work properly the way I wanted with disk images, but for pure CCC replacements, a disk-disk transfer is easiest) into the Source Field, your destination disk into the Destination field (surprise!), check the "Erase Destination" box (otherwise it won't use block-level copying), skip the cheksum if you want (though not recommended for the first few clones or any critical data/operation), and click the "Restore" button.This is preferable to me because it works out of the box without needing any network connections or separate devices to transfer CCC over. Every Apple computer will come with this, so I don't need to take one machine out of a new shipment, set it up first the way I want, and then do a transfer; I can take a pocket Firewire drive and hook it up directly and begin copying and transferring immediately with little to no lag time. From there I can start daisy-chaining.-----Nick McSpaddenW00t?

After hearing good things, I tried out Superduper: It has 4 main modes of operation, but none of the 4 actually sounds like "safely copy my whole drive":The 4 modes are:- Backup user files: obviously not, I want to backup not only user files- Backup all files: sound good, but...- Safety clone shared users and apps: Hey, the last entry is not so good after all, I need backup AND safety! But I want to not only copy users + apps, I want to copy everything.- Safety clone - shared users: Even less than the previous point.So - no option that copies everything, right? :-( I'll stick with CCC, thank you.


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