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Download Black Girl Missing (2023) Full Movie HD - A Gripping Thriller Based on True Events

SYNOPSISIt tells the story of of a mother named Cheryl whose daughter is nowhere to be found. Authorities and media dismiss her as a runaway while focusing on another missing girl, who is white.Now you can download, watch and enjoy Black Girl Missing (2023) full movie mp4, mkv, blueray in HD now!

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Our Black Girls centers on the often-untold stories of Black girls and women who have gone missing or, in some cases, were found dead under mysterious circumstances. Launched by journalist and activist Erika Marie Rivers in 2018, the website is a one-woman show: Rivers spends her nights combing missing persons databases, archived news footage, old articles and whatever other information she can find to piece together these stories. And she does it all after her day job.

Since the website's inception three years ago, Rivers has published an article roughly every other day. It's a grueling schedule, but she keeps it up because, as she explains, she could have easily been one of these missing girls and women. Anyone could.

Erika Marie Rivers, a journalist in California who started Our Black Girls, spends personal time researching and writing up the stories of missing Black women and girls so they aren't forgotten. Erika Marie Rivers hide caption

In light of these numbers, the disproportionate media attention on missing white girls and women is glaring. Often described as "missing white woman syndrome," the term most recently made headlines when MSNBC host Joy Reid discussed the Gabby Petito case. Petito was reported missing after her boyfriend returned from a cross-country trip without her; her case attracted nationwide coverage but put a spotlight on the harsh reality that people in other demographic groups don't receive the same attention when they vanish.

Authorities converged in Wyoming to search for Petito and found her remains at a national park. In the same state, more than 400 Indigenous girls and women went missing between 2011 and the fall of 2020, according to a state report. Indigenous people made up 21% of homicide victims in Wyoming between 2000 and 2020, despite being less than 3% of the state's population. The disparity can be seen in the media: Only 18% of Indigenous female victims received coverage. However, among white victims, 51% were in the news.

You can also support those who are doing the work through blogs and podcasts, as well as via Instagram accounts and Facebook groups dedicated to keeping people informed on the cases of missing Black girls and women.

Determined to find her daughter, Cheryl enlists the help of a community of amateur internet sleuths and discovers the Black and Missing Foundation. Later in the movie, the mother gets the help from a local reporter named Elise, who helps unveil all the unsolved cases of black missing women only to be left stunned by witnessing the major lack of resources and media attention for missing persons of color.

The documentary sets out to bring focus to the phenomenon of missing black people and the unfair procedures their families face while searching for their lost loved ones. It does so with inputs from leading black social activists Angela Rye and Dr. Treva Lindsey.

There are currently over 50 Black girls missing from New York and New Jersey with nearly 20 going missing in the first few months of this year, according to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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These tragic outcomes reflect the alarming state of missing Black people and Black women and girls in particular, who represent 40% of sex trafficking victims, according to the Congressional Black Caucus. There are also 64,000 Black women missing in the US, according to FBI data gathered by the Black and Missing Foundation.

This has to be one of the better movies in Lifetime's collection. That I have seen so far. To be honest I have seen almost all of them, not including some of the older movies.I see other reviews saying it was not good. The acting was believable and I wanted to see what would happen next. That alone makes this a good movie. It hit home for me as a mother of hispanic background though. Not sure what true story this was based on, but at the end it really hit you when they showed ALL of the girls of color still missing. Even worse them not getting the recognition they deserve just due to race! Sad but completely true!I highly recommend if you are a fan on LM's because this one was a good one and at least deserved a 5 or up. It was at least half good. If this happened to me I would have done the exact same thing! As always, watch it and be your own judge!

Great story so much more could have been done with this. I am always shocked by the way America treats its missing women black or white especially when they are so young. I can never believe that they are so casual and believe that so many young women choose to leave their families. Sadly this film was so very boring and badly acted that i lost interest very quickly and i am sure everyone else will feel the same. There was no real ending to this film either. It beggars belief that her mum actually found her and rescued her. Why had the white man abducted her and how had he managed todo that and no one saw or heard a thing. Is it the american way? You are in a community but not really part of it. Oh i didnt see/hear a thing. How can this happen so much in America?

Massachusetts has a large data problem. As a researcher, I know that data is pertinent because it allows us to make informed decisions based on what is measured and or observed. Simply put, data can improve lives, especially for those who have been historically excluded. I start with this to argue that Massachusetts does not have an accessible database that indicates the number of missing Black women and girls.

Boston community organizers have highlighted the increasing number of Black women and girls who go missing in Massachusetts, but our media and elected officials have not. In December, I was scrolling on Twitter, and I saw community organizers doing their best to draw attention to multiple cases where Black women and girls were going missing in Massachusetts every week, along with several other women of color.

Lisa Lvette Hall and Jennifer Kabura Mbugua are two Black women from Massachusetts who have been missing for years, and their cases are unsolved. Recently, more Black girls have gone missing and, fortunately, have been found. We can assume that there are many more Black women and girls missing who are yet to be found.

Alexandria Onuoha is a PhD student in applied developmental psychology at Suffolk University and director of political advocacy at Black Boston. The names of missing Black girls who were found are not stated in this article to protect their privacy.

Description: Lueking was 24 years old at the time he went missing. White male, 5'11" tall, 220 pounds, green eyes, brown hair, short beard. Last seen wearing black track pants, white tennis shoes. Possibly had Real-tree camouflage rain gear with him and a small dark-colored day pack.

Description: Penca was 30 years old when he went missing. White male, 5'10" tall, 240 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes. Last seen wearing gray sweatpants with a white stripe down the leg, either a black T-shirt with "D & B" on the front or a black tank top, and gray/blue running shoes. He was carrying a blue cloth bag.

Description: Boehlke was 8 years old when he went missing. White male, 4'08" tall, 85 pounds, light brown hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing a long-sleeve black and green striped shirt, cargo pants, red suede shoes, and a blue winter coat. He has a mole under his right ear and a mole on the left side of his throat.

Description: Morrison was 28 years old when he went missing. White male, 5'09" tall, 150 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing a gray long-sleeve UCSC sweatshirt, black pants, Nike running shoes, and a black, green, and yellow fannypack.

Description: Barnes was 25 years old when he went missing. White male, 6'03" tall, 180 pounds, dark brown to black straight hair worn parted in the middle and shoulder-length, brown mustache, brown eyes, small bump or wart on right side of nose. Last seen wearing a white T-shirt with a red circle around a red letter F with a slash through the letter F, gray sweatpants, worn white tennis shoes, brown-framed sunglasses, and carrying a yellow daypack.

Rhonda was last seen at approximately 10:30p.m. after dropping off a co-worker at their residence in Salt Lake City, UT. It is believed she returned to her residence in Vernal, UT. The following day, she was to open the K-Mart store at 7:30am. She was reported missing on September 29th. There were signs of a struggle at her residence. Rhonda is considered a chain smoker, but left her cigarettes on the kitchen counter along with her purse, house and car keys. She was last seen wearing a sweater and black polyester slacks.

WHEREAS, hundreds of African American families are left with painful details of wondering what has happened to their loved ones. Many black women and children have been missing for decades; and

WHEREAS, despite representing 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 or 34% of all missing persons reported in 2012. According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center, the comparison with other racial groups is unfavorable. Whites and Hispanics are a combined 80% of the population, but account for 60% of missing persons; and

WHEREAS, when you break down the numbers by age, the Black and Missing Foundation reports that 37% of missing minors and 28%.2% of missing adults in 2013 were black. No fewer than 270,000 minorities have gone missing since 2010, 135,000 of whom were black and 64,000 were black women and girls were missing nationwide, according to the Black and Missing Foundation 2014 Report; and


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