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[S2E16] Retribution

Xander regretfully leaves, only to find Cordelia getting beaten up by Harmony and a group of girls in the hallway, as retribution for hurting the new object of their affections. Xander rescues her and they leave the school together. As they walk outside, they are confronted by an army of Sunnydale ladies, led by an axe-wielding, grief-stricken Willow. As she starts toward him with the axe, Harmony and her friends soon catch up with them. The two groups fight: one looking to hurt Xander, and the other looking to protect him. The girls are distracted enough for Cordelia and Xander to escape to Buffy's house, much to Joyce's delight, as she is also in love with Xander. She sends Cordelia away to get bandages for Xander's wounds, and uses the alone time to flirt with him. Back in the library, Giles enlists Amy and Jenny's help to reverse the spell, but neither of them want to do anything other than chase after Xander. Jenny manages to flee to find Xander. Amy begins to see reason, and aids Giles in the rescue. Meanwhile, Oz looks for Buffy-rat in the basement, as it approaches a cat and a mousetrap.

[S2E16] Retribution

The Warworld passed by the planet just as the imprisoned Leaguers were released from confinement. Vandal Savage broadcasted a message, declaring his homeworld off-limits, and threatened any incursion with retribution.[9]

The SWAT team struggles to maintain peace on the eve of a Los Angeles LGBTQ pride festival after a hate crime sparks citywide anger that ignites further violence. As Chris grows anxious for her fellow LGBTQ community members calling for retribution, the festival reunites Commander Hicks with JP, his estranged gay son. Also, Street worries his mother will be sent back to prison after she fails to check in with her probation officer, and Deacon gets unexpected medical news regarding his newborn daughter. 041b061a72


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