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Watch Dogs E3 2012 Gameplay 1080p Vs 720p

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Watch Dogs E3 2012 Gameplay 1080p Vs 720p

E3 2012 generated a metric butt ton of buzz, but no game created more of a clamor than Watch Dogs. The slick graphics and fast gameplay impressed many outlets across the web, winning it many Best of E3 awards without even being playable on the showroom floor. Then more details about the game were released.

We're also fairly sure that the basic console 720p presentation has been augmented with FXAA or some equivalent post-process anti-aliasing, which is present in all the gameplay clips, but disabled when "detective vision" is in play. The PS3 and 360 versions feature no anti-aliasing at all.

Since the shift in developer, the concept of zan-datsu has been downplayed, and the game focuses more of a "cutting feels good" mentality. The gameplay is less stealth oriented, and is more akin to PlatinumGames' other projects (most notably Vanquish) where the player will take on large groups of enemies, ranging from cyborgs soldiers, Gekko, and a new look Metal Gear RAY with blades on its arms. One notable aspect of the game is that it featured no human enemies. All the soldiers Raiden face are cyborgs. This was done in order to avoid having the game be banned in Japan. The stealth component was the first thing that was removed by Platinum. Kojima revealed that he had always been against stealth in the game as neither he, nor his staff, felt that stealth and high speed action would work together.[16] The E3 2012 trailer did, however, show that the planned predator stealth system was retained to some degree, as one part of the trailer had Raiden being behind a pillar that a soldier was standing guard at and then promptly cutting it down and killing the unsuspecting soldier in the process. Similarly, both the trailer and the demo also had Raiden impaling a cyborg soldier from behind. The E3 2012 trailer featured the song "Wrong" by Depeche Mode.[17]

Too bad that Slightly Mad studios said it will be at least 30fps on ALL consoles, including PS4/720. The best they can hope is native 1080p instead of native 720p upscaled to 1080p on Wii U. Not that big of a difference.

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