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J-axis Cybeat Watch Manuall

Press the crown slightly until you push it back of 1 click, you will be in the Calendar setting position, try to turn the crown clockwise or counter clockwise, when you see what is the right setting direction, you can turn the crown until the calendar number is placed on the correct date. In watches with Monthly and Weekly Calendars, by turning the crown in Counter clockwise direction you can set one, by turning in Clockwise direction you can set the other. Please note, that Watches with simple Calendars have the numbering fixed to 31 days, so for months that last 30 days, or for February which lasts 28/29 days, the date will differ of 1, 2, or 3 days; it must be updated manually every 2 months or so.

J-axis Cybeat Watch Manuall




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