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Storage Redirect (ROOT) V1.0.0-rc8.r1117.972ed6f3 [Premium] [Latest]

Storage Redirect (ROOT) Premium: How to Save Space, Battery and Data on Your Android Phone

If you are looking for a way to optimize your Android device's performance and storage, you might want to check out Storage Redirect (ROOT) Premium, a powerful tool that requires root access and lets you manage how apps use your storage space.

Storage Redirect (ROOT) v1.0.0-rc8.r1117.972ed6f3 [Premium] [Latest]

What is Storage Redirect (ROOT) Premium?

Storage Redirect (ROOT) Premium is an app that works on the same principle as Scoped Storage, a feature introduced by Google in Android 10 that restricts how apps can access the external storage. Scoped Storage aims to give users more control over their storage and limit app clutter, but it is not mandatory for apps targeting Android 10 and will be fully implemented in Android 11.

With Storage Redirect (ROOT) Premium, you can choose which apps you want to isolate and which apps you want to give full access to the shared storage. Once an app is isolated, it can only access files from within its own directory and files generated by the app will also remain in the isolated storage. This means that:

  • You can prevent apps from accessing your private files (such as photos, documents, etc.) without your permission.

  • You can avoid app clutter and save space by deleting the isolated storage automatically when you uninstall an app.

  • You can improve your device's performance and battery life by reducing the number of files that apps scan and index.