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Knees And Elbows ##BEST## Download Torrent

Salvatore OLIVA is a recognized authority worldwide, as well as a reputable expert in various areas of martial arts. His extreme passion for martial arts and combat sports, specifically in the area of self-defense for law enforcement officers, inspired him to develop the Oliva Combat System. An ultimate and effective combat system, based on 3 fundamentals: simplicity, effectiveness, functionality, consisting of 3 different operating systems: P.D.S. (Progressive Defense System), P.L.E.T. (Professional Law Enforcement Tactics) and C.A.T. (Cobra Assault System), developed as part of a specific program for police, judicial officers, government agencies, military and personal security. Through its realistic training methods and defense techniques, as well as effective self-defense and training modules, Salvatore OLIVA's system has caused an international sensation. In this first volume we will see gun disarm, Explosive Straight Blast, Rapid Safe Tools (finger Jab, Slapping Hand, knees, kicks, Hammer Strike, ...), Mass Attack, functional Trapping, Lethal Tools (head, knees, elbows), flashlight defense, Ground & Pound survival and Advanced Ground Combat. Simple tools, attribute development and their training ways to take our self-defense skills to the next level. 53 min.

Knees And Elbows Download Torrent

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Start on all fours. Spread the knees and go down onto your elbows. Flatten the low back. Now shift your hips back until you feel a stretch on the inside legs (groin). Shift the hips forward to come out of the stretch and repeat.

Lay on your back with feet close to your butt. Drive elbows into the ground as if doing a seated row to engage the back. Push through your feet to raise the hips and tuck the hips at the same time. The top position should see a perfectly straight line between your knees, hips, and shoulders. Squeeze glutes hard for a split second and then lower and repeat. Adjust foot position to get the contraction isolated in the glutes. 076b4e4f54