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Swissphone PSW: A Powerful and Reliable Solution for Emergency Services

Swissphone PSW: A Powerful and Reliable Solution for Emergency Services

Emergency services rely on fast and efficient communication to save lives and protect property. Whether it is fire, police, ambulance, or civil protection, they need a paging system that can deliver messages reliably and securely to their personnel.


Swissphone PSW is a professional paging software that enables emergency services to manage their paging network efficiently. It allows them to program, configure, and monitor their Swissphone pagers and the Switzerland-wide radio network TELEPAGE. It also provides features such as group management, message encryption, priority settings, and alerting scenarios.

What is Swissphone PSW?

Swissphone PSW is a software application that runs on Windows operating systems. It can be installed on a PC or a laptop and connected to a Swissphone pager via a USB cable or a wireless interface. It can also be used with a Swissphone programming station (PSWx29) that can program up to 29 pagers simultaneously.

Swissphone PSW allows users to program their pagers with various parameters such as frequency, address, tone sequence, volume, backlight, etc. It also allows users to create groups of pagers and assign them different alerting scenarios. For example, users can define which pagers should receive which messages, how often they should repeat, and what kind of sound and vibration they should make.

Swissphone PSW also enables users to encrypt their messages with AES-256 encryption to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their communication. Users can also set different priorities for their messages to ensure that the most important ones are delivered first. Additionally, users can monitor the status of their pagers and the radio network with Swissphone PSW. They can see the battery level, signal strength, message history, and error logs of their pagers. They can also see the coverage and availability of the TELEPAGE network.