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Mirror For Philips TV 2.6

Mirror for Philips TV is an application to mirror the screen of your Mac to any Philips Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed. This works on any Philips Smart TV from the 2012 models onward.

Mirror for Philips TV 2.6


Table 1 and Table 2 summarize the main functionalities and technologies of the smart mirror in the literature, and those commercially available. With respect to the general purpose smart mirrors, we can see that most of them share the same basic functionalities. They are mostly designed to support the user in managing and collecting information, and to ease the control home devices. The interaction is mostly based on voice commands and no authentication protocols are included. Fashion mirror are very specialized and often include some form of augmented reality to engage the user and recommend or try virtual clothes and accessories. The mirrors targeted to the medical or health fields include some form of direct or indirect health monitoring often using physical sensors. Finally, for the commercial mirrors, we can see that they provide many functionalities for services in the cloud. Little information can be found about the underlying technologies.

Several smart mirrors are equipped not only with visual input but also with audio input. Most of these mirrors use voice control algorithms to access the mirror functions [7,18,23], others exploit the combination of audio-video recognition to obtain more robust security protocols [8,15]. More complex mirrors take advantage of technologies such as: Global System Module (GSM) to send emergency calls [4]; Ambient Intelligence (AMI) to control a set of custom services [5]; and Augmented Reality (AR) to provide education and entertainment services [14].

In the medical field, smart mirrors can improve both clinical and at-home healthcare. Several proposals rely on the analysis of the face and facial expressions for daily personal checkups [29,30,32,50]. Some mirrors complement the diagnosis with alternative medicine treatments such as music therapy [36,38,39] and color therapy [37].

Anna smart mirror [46] was developed for hotels and, through the recognition of hand gestures, allows booking transport, viewing general information, integration, and management of social web via a web app. Philips [40] produced a smart mirror/TV that can be installed in hotels and helps the customer pay their bills or pay per view movies. In 2017, Panasonic [47] unveiled Digital Concierge, a smart mirror powered by IBM Watson advanced functionalities.

Functional requirements of the proposed smart mirror. Color of boxes indicates relationship between processing modules and information displayed by different applications. For example, to implement user-specific applications, user authentication through face and speaker recognition are required. Applications such as weather forecast, calendar, and music player depend on integration of mirror with Alexa Skills.

From the first 10 questions, a SUS score that represents the overall usability of the device, including how easy it is to use and learn, was calculated. The average SUS score, computed from the surveys of 500 products, is considered to be 68. Our smart mirror achieved 82.88, which is above average and in the range of good systems. In Figure 12, it is possible to view the users responses for each one of the 20 questions in the survey.

Previous performance analysis shows that the developed recognition methods for audio emotion recognition are effective. In general, the modules developed for video and audio interaction represented the state-of-the-art at the time of the development of the mirror. More robust methods for both video and audio identification were recently proposed [74,75]. At the same time, more effective face attribute estimation [76] and speaker emotion recognition [77,78] methods were presented. Therefore, to meet the growing security needs and improve the user experience, we plan to further improve our methods in the future.

Our smart mirror prototype incorporates many functionalities that other smart mirrors found in the literature, both academic and commercial, do not possess. Most of state-of-art smart mirrors are simple, with only few functionalities, or are limited by the computational capability of the on-board processing devices. We designed our smart mirror by including an external server and separating the workload between the on-board device and the server. This led to the possibility of including many features that normally require a lot of computational power, while decreasing the computation time at the same time. Also, the interaction with Amazon Alexa is another strength of this prototype. Firstly, having a virtual assistant that allows a dialogue close to the natural language improves the interaction with the mirror, especially for those users that are not used to technology, such as elders. Secondly, by exploiting this service, we further reduce the computational workload since every skill resides on the Amazon Web Service.

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