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I ordered a flashlight that clearly showed photos in the ad of the product. Was supposed to be a 30, 000 lumen flashlight for $ 29.95 that lit up a canyon in the photo. Ad even said it had a money back guarantee. They shipped me a $ 5 light that couldn't light up a 10 foot bedroom, it was scuffed and chipped like it was used, and they sent it with a charger that cannot be used in the United States. Their response... "all of our other customers liked the product". They said do not return it, since it would cost almost as much as the flashlight. They suggested giving it away, and they would refund 10% of my purchase (but I don't know anyone in Europe or Asia, and I certainly wouldn't spend the shipping charge to give it away). After back and forth emails, they came up to 40%, which was unacceptable, so I forced the chargeback through Visa. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I ordered outlet covers with LED night lights built in. In less than 30 days, I have two night lights with dead LEDs that are supposed to last 25 years, and two that have defective light sensors, so they stay on all the time. Their response... "all of our other customers liked the product". Both times, their tracking information was false, and the shipping took several weeks. In BOTH cases, I did not order from, one order was through a Facebook ad, and the other from a random vendor recommended by Google. These people HIDE and CLOAK their identity, so their poor customer service and crappy products won't be found out right away. These people are frauds and need to be run out of town.


shirt.woot was good to me in the past.I never ordered from dailysteals BUT I'm incredibly annoyed with I got one of those groupon-esque coupon code deals off for vacuum bags to use at Ordered it April 1. It still hasn't been shipped out....I sent them an email a few days ago asking when it would be and got this:Your order has unfortunately been delayed due to its overwhelming popularity. This order will be in processing with our shipping department within the next couple of days. Please expect to receive your order within the next week. In the mean time please let us know if there is anything else we can do.Sincerely,Customer ServiceReally? If this doesn't get shipped out soon, I'll be moving back home before it gets here -___-

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